EU4Algaea collaborative Europeanstakeholdersforum on algae

Kirstin Knufmann is very happy to be part of this EU4Algaea collaborative Europeanstakeholdersforum on algae

Dear EU4Algae members,


We are reaching you to provide some news on EU4Algae including the latest news and upcoming activities.


The EU4Algae forum has now more than 450 registered members, which are actively participating in the Working Groups discussions.


We appreciate your engagement as the EU4Algae members are the driving-force of our collaborative Forum. EU4Algae aims to generate the necessary critical mass of actors and exchange views towards the definition of a forward-looking strategy, and concrete follow-up actions for the EU algae sector.


EU4Algae surveys


In September we have disseminated two surveys on which we would appreciate your input.


The fist survey is related to algae and climate studies “Which potential for algae cultivation to address climate change?” . This is a European Commission (EC) study to provide sound and up-to-date knowledge on the potential of scaling up the production of marine algae through aquaculture in the EU, is implemented by ACTeon (France – coordinator), the universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen (Denmark), and TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).


The second survey is regarding relevant legislation for the algae sector. The EU4Algae Team is currently researching the regulations and legislation relevant for the Algae sector in the EU to gain insight in the barriers/ difficulties regarding regulation and legislation. If you haven´t done so, your input is highly valuable to the survey, by 31 October.


EU4Algae Working-Groups activities


The WG 3 on Algae for food have launched a press release, which you can find attached.


EU4Algae Forum website


The EU4Algae Forum website is starting to take shape and soon all the Working-Groups information, as well as upcoming events and activities will be included. Stay tuned for more updates these coming weeks!


Upcoming events


  • SIG Seaweed 7 Conference in Trondheim on 15-16 November 2022 : The conference is arranged in close collaboration with the Seaweed Biorefinery Platform Norway, coordinated by NTNU and with SINTEF, NMBU, Nofima and Møreforsking as partners. Information and program can be found here and you can register here.
  • EU4Algae event in Rome on 12 December 2022 : first EU4Algae presential meeting in the morning and an open and hybrid session in the afternoon, a day before the AlgaEurope 2022 Conference in Rome. The afternoon session aims to provide the main findings of a study to identify legislative measures that could help develop the algae sector in the EU, with roundtable discussions and more. If you would like to follow online, please register here.
  • AlgaEurope 2022 Conference in Rome on 13-15 December 2022: AlgaEurope is a unique opportunity to learn and understand all about algae production and commercialization and interact with over 350 key players from more than 45 countries. The Conference is a close cooperation between EABA – European Algae Biomass Association and DLG Benelux. Information here.


Best regards,


EU4Algae team